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The Top-Secret, 100% Sure-Fire Method to LOSE customers!

I wanted to share with you an experience I had today of a long-time business relationship going sour.

I have been having an issue with one of my ears, so I made an appointment with my doctor, who I have been seeing for over 5 years. They said the only time slot they had available was 12:15 PM. Sadly, this conflicted with another appointment I had for a conference call. Thus, I had to cancel my conference call, which was at 12:00.

I got to my doctor’s office at 12:05, to make sure I was on time.

12:15 – still waiting

12:30 – still waiting

12:50 – I finally get called. By now, I am slightly annoyed, since I could have made my conference call if I had known they would be late.

The end result was that the doctor saw me, diagnosed the issue (kind of), but it was not something that she could simply write a prescription for. She then told me that I could see a specialist tomorrow (and pay for another appointment), or wait another 30 minutes, because she didnt have time to help me right then.

After another 30 minutes wait, she tried to fix my issue. She couldn’t, and referred me to a specialist anyway.

The end result is that I wasted over an hour of my time simply waiting for her. She spent a grand total of about 25 minutes with me, but could not fix my problem. She charged me $150 to NOT solve my problem, and I still have to pay a specialist tomorrow.

Needless to say, I will be seeking a new doctor.

For any doctors who may be reading this, I have a suggestion. If you were to market your practice as beingĀ  the doctor that sees patients ON TIME, you will be FLOODED with patients.

Until next time.

Helping you in this war we call BUSINESS.

Brent Allan C.S.H., C.C.S.



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