Are you ignoring your best prospects?

Marketing a small business is difficult. Trying to acquire new customers in a world where they are bombarded by marketing messages from your competitors can be tiring and frustrating. But are you ignoring the customers that are most likely to buy from you?

I am referring, of course, to your current and past clients. Do you capture their contact information and contact them frequently? Now, I don’t mean you should spam them with correspondence every day, but you could have a monthly newsletter, or you can send them coupons and special deals periodically. They have already bought from your company, so as long as you did even an average job and did not alienate them, they are likely to buy from you again. But you don’t want to settle for an average job. If you do a fantastic job, then they are probably already waiting for an opportunity to come up to buy from you again. Sending them a special deal may be the tipping point and gets them to ring your cash register again.

If you are not already doing something to capture the contact information of your customers, make sure you do so. Offer them a free gift or a special discount for joining your FREE “Solid Gold Customers Club” or whatever you want to call it. Make them feel special, and they will be back.

Brent Allan C.S.H., C.C.S.


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Can you make history in 2008?

Just a few days ago, the New England Patriots made history by being the first team to go undefeated in the regular season since 1972, and the first team to ever go undefeated in a 16 game season. (The seasons were shorter back in ’72.)

They accomplished this monumental feat by holding themselves to high standards and going out there and working hard each and every day.

These are the same kind of high standards that a small business owner must hold himself and his company to. An entrepreneur has to work tirelessly, but the rewards are worth it. And one task which must be continually done is marketing your business.

In the Chinese calender, 2008 is the year of the Rat. Some of the characteristics of the Rat are:

  • Hardworking
  • Ambitious
  • Passionate
  • Adaptable

These are all traits that entrepreneurs need to have. Many of us have these attributes naturally, which is why we are entrepreneurs in the first place.

My first piece of advice for you for the new year is to set your goals high, work them every day (ok, you can take a day off or vacation occasionally), and adapt to take advantage of current events and trends. If you accomplish those three things, 2008 can be a history-making year for you and your business. Good luck!

Brent Allan C.S.H., C.C.S.

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Marketing your small business is all about giving

Why should your customers buy from you instead of a competitor?

Low prices? A simple Internet search can uncover lower prices.

Customer service? Every company claims to offer this, but many do not.

To provide your customers with truly exceptional customer service, you must cherish them, you must value them above all else. Then you will capture their loyalty.

Don’t just try to sell them something when you have contact with them. Give to them. Give them helpful hints and advice on using the products or services they have already bought from you. Give them gifts. Send them cards. Win their hearts.

Good luck to you, and here is to your success!

Brent Allan C.S.H., C.C.S.

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Are you neglecting a valuable marketing tool?

I am sure most people would agree that, if you you want a marketing piece to intrigue the potential client, then it has to look good. A powerful message targeted to the right audience, nice visuals, preferably something memorable.

Yet, I have found that so many organizations neglect a potentially significant marketing tool, even though they all have them. I am talking about business cards.

Business cards are a representation of who we are and what our business is. Unfortunately, 99% of them are completely forgettable. We collect a stack of business cards at networking events, and go through them afterwards (unless they get tossed into a desk drawer and are lost to the ages), and they all look alike. Same size, same weight, same everything.

Although there is enough material on this topic to write a book (which I am), I wanted to point out 3 critical errors most people make with business cards.

#1 – One card for all occasions

A marketing piece should target a specific audience, and should specifically address the needs and wants of that audience. Unless your business only has one type of customer, then you are under-utilizing this tool if you have one generic business card. And with how inexpensive business cards have become, there is really no reason not to have multiple types of cards. As an entertainer, I have 4 different business cards. One is for the corporate market, one is for children’s entertainment, one is for festivals and events, and the other is a generic card for use when a potential client does not fall into any of those previous categories. Each card addresses the needs for that particular type of client, and how I can fulfill those needs.

#2 – 50% of the space is wasted

A business card has 2 sides, yet I only see printing on both sides of maybe 30% of the business cards I receive from others. If you were printing a brochure, would you only put content on one side? The other side can have other important information, like a special offer, a call to action, or some kind of useful information that could be a reason for someone to actually KEEP the business card.

#3 – No product pictures

You wouldn’t put out a product brochure without showing your product, would you? I know, some may argue that they are a service provider, so there is not a physical product to show. WRONG! A picture is even more important to a service provider, because the product is YOU! A picture of you makes you a person, not a faceless entity. And if the client identifies with you as a person instead of just a company, then you can build a relationship with that client. And relationships are what lead to referrals and testimonials. So, if you are a mortgage broker or an insurance agent or some other service provider that represents a large company without a face, then it is absolutely VITAL that your picture be on your card.

As I mentioned earlier, there is much more to be said on this subject. But I figured I would provide a few key tips that readers may find helpful.

Good luck to you, and here is to your success!

Brent Allan C.S.H., C.C.S.

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Welcome to the Biz Warrior blog

I will use this blog to provide great tips and advice to those who need to market and brand themselves or their products. I will cover a variety of topics, and occasionally mention some informational products that either I have written myself, or that I have stumbled upon that I would highly recommend.

Welcome aboard!

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