Marketing Makeover #2 – Meet the people

OK, So the Lavish Llama is officially in business. You have come up with your niche market, and a unique selling proposition. Now you need to let people know you exist!

Sure, you could start by buying a lot of expensive ads, but even better would be to go where llama owners tend to congregate. If there is a llama owners club, join that. If there is an exotic pets consumer show, get a booth at that. In the beginning especially, you need your marketing to be highly targeted, and highly personal.

Let’s take a second to break away from the Lavish Llama and discuss YOUR business. In this blog, I used the example of a llama owners club, or other place where your potential customers congregate. For many businesses (especially those that do business to business transactions), this place would be a Chamber of Commerce. If you do B2B, you must be in a Chamber. Otherwise, you are missing a great networking opportunity.

I am working on a new report about getting the most out of Chamber Membership. It isn’t available yet, but stay tuned.


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