Do you tell your customers that you hate them?

OK, I know this title is going to sound a bit weird.

Basically, what I am asking is, what message are you conveying to your customers?

In the past month, I have had several bad experiences at stores. The first was at Best Buy. I went, I bought something. Two days later, the item goes on sale, and they have that “best price guarantee” thing. So, I go back to get the refund. The customer service guy actually gave me a hard time, and essentially acted like I was wasting his time and was an inconvenience to him. In fact, what he did after the transaction shocked me. I had brought a printout of their website so I had proof of the sale. After the transaction was done, he swept the sheaf of papers off the counter towards a garbage can, but did it so violently that they flew over the garbage can and scattered everywhere. I just walked away.

Fast forward a few more days. I have to go back to Best Buy to buy something new. I could not find what I was looking for, so I used my secret technique for getting help. I put on my best “lost and confused” face, which usually brings a salesperson running at any store. I wandered up and down the aisles, looking hopeless. Nothing. Nobody.

I did run across two of their floor associates, but as I approached them, I could tell they were deeply engrossed in a conversation over a video game, so I left them alone. I was on my way to the door when someone finally approached me and helped me out. Whew.

Now, to0 contrast all of this cynicism, let me tell you a story of excellent service I just received tonight. I was strolling through the mall and wandered into a little shop of eclectic oddities from Morocco and other far-off lands. I had walked in, taken about 10 steps, and the person working there greeted me and asked if I had visited before. When I told him I hadn’t, he proceeded to welcome me and thank me for stopping in. He told em a bit about the store and their products, and left me to browse with the instructions that he would be nearby if I required anything.

The people at Best Buy made me feel like a nuisance. The guy at the Moroccan store made me feel important and valuable.

So, what do your actions and attitude say to your prospects and customers? When you answer the phone, are you warm and friendly? Do you thank them for their business?

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Helping you in this war we call BUSINESS.

Brent Allan C.S.H., C.C.S.


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